A Guide To Broken Links And How To Fix Broken Links

It can be frustrating to visit your website only to find that the link leads you to a broken page. While you may think your website is doing poorly, broken links may be causing problems. Broken links can be fixed by understanding the reasons they occur. Links can be broken for many reasons, but link spamming is the most prevalent. This happens when people post links to other websites without their permission or adding any value to them. It’s best to contact your digital marketing firm if many links are broken. They will quickly be able to identify the problem and fix it.

Before we can move on to the main topic, let us first identify what broken links are.

What is Broken Link?

Broken links or dead hyperlinks are links that have been broken and do not function anymore. Broken links can be caused by many things. Broken links can be caused by many things, but the most common reason is when a webpage is moved to another location or deleted.

You will see a 404 error when you click on the link.

How to find Broken Links in WordPress

You must ensure that links from your website to other websites are working correctly. Broken links can frustrate website visitors and lead to revenue loss and lost traffic. Here are some ways to find and fix broken links within WordPress.

1. You can use Webmaster Tools > Broken Links to find broken links on the website.

2. Compare the URL with the link text to verify they match. Check the grammar and spelling for any differences.

3. You can check whether the link is still available by using Google Search.

4. Ask the site owner to fix the broken link. If the site owner is not available, you will have to fix or replace the link.

5. If you can’t fix the link yourself then you need to remove it completely from your site

Fix Broken Links In WordPress

Broken links are common problems on WordPress websites. Broken links can be caused by someone changing or deleting a link within a post, or if the website is hacked. You can fix broken links by following these steps if you notice them:

1. You can verify the link by visiting that website. If the link is working, it may be a typo that must be corrected.

2. You should check the post that the link was supposed to lead to. If the post doesn’t exist, it is most likely because of a broken link.

3. If the post is still available, you can check to see whether any attachments may be causing the broken links. If the attachment is not present, it could be due to a broken link on the WordPress site.

4. You can use the search function to locate and fix broken links on WordPress.


It seems that broken links are becoming a common occurrence on the internet, especially on the web pages of businesses. This blog post focuses on providing a guide to broken links and how to fix them, as well as some strategies that can be put into place to minimize their occurrence. Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to keep your website running smoothly and free of broken links!

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