5 Advantages Of Installing A HVAC Unit In Your Home

Homeowners must first decide which type of HVAC system they wish to purchase when replacing their HVAC unit. Although it’s tempting to just stick with the existing HVAC system, the Minnick team encourages customers to become educated about the differences in each type of HVAC system to make an informed choice for their home.

There are three main types, Split, Ductless, & Packaged, of HVAC systems used in residential properties. Each HVAC system comes with its pros and cons. However, this article will cover the five main benefits of owning a packaged HVAC. First, let us clarify what a package HVAC unit is.

What Is A Package HVAC Unit?

It is not like the split system with both an outdoor and indoor unit. A packaged HVAC unit houses both cooling and heating components inside one HVAC unit. Packaged units are generally installed outside, either on the roof or at the sides of your residence.

Benefit #1: Packed Units Are A Great Way To Save Space In Your House

You live in a small space with limited square footage. When installing HVAC systems in your house, you will need plenty of floor space. This is especially true if the units will be located inside as well as outside. By combining the central heater/air conditioner into one unit, smaller homes can take advantage of this great option.

Benefit #2 – Packaged Units Are Faster And Easier To Install

The manufacturer does all the work and inspects every part of the HVAC unit before it is assembled. Pre-assembled units save you money as they are shipped already assembled. One of the biggest cost-saving advantages of packaged systems is their faster installation than traditional multiunit systems. This means that you will pay less for labor, which in turn will save you money overall.

Benefit #3: Packaged Unit Can Provide Higher Energy-Efficiency

They are more efficient than multi-unit systems due to the simpler design and often have higher SEER ratings. Because the whole system can be placed in one unit, manufacturers can produce fine-tuned systems with higher energy efficiency that will lower your monthly utility bill.

Benefit #4: Packaged Products Have High Compatibility

Split systems often have equipment indoors and out, so compatibility issues can arise. Because the indoor part is part of the matched system, you’ll need to replace it as well. A packaged HVAC unit will make compatibility much easier. It is possible to pair packaged HVAC units with other hardware. A packaged unit can save you time and money if you want to install add-ons like a humidifier or purifier.

Benefit #5 Is Quiet Operation

You can have all the noisy air processing done outside since packaged units are not placed inside your home. Packaged units are the best choice if you’re looking to reduce noise in your home.

Choose The HVAC System That Best Meets Your Specific Needs

These are just five of the many benefits that a packaged HVAC unit and rooftop acoustic screens offer, but there are many more. Up until now, you might have believed that an HVAC system could only be achieved by a traditional central heating split system. Although there are many benefits to installing a packaged HVAC, we know that not every unit is right for every homeowner. We hope you are now better equipped to decide if a package HVAC unit is a right fit for you and your house.

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