Need For Taking The Best Safer Drivers Course

If you are an inexperienced and young driver, you should take the safe driving course. It helps beginners to increase their skills and drive the car safely on the road. The self-assuredness is essential to prevent the accident when getting in behind the wheel. It is the main reason for taking the driving course. The safer driver course enables, the younger to take the motorway with the certified instructor, offering them advice.

The safe driving course is specially designed for the new driver. It aids the new driver to think about their vehicle and decide when driving on the busy road. This course is not only a practical teaching session. In addition, you can participate in the theory session, where you can hear different traffic rules and low-risk diving practices.

  • Prerequisitesfor safe driving course

Before you are eligible for the safe driving course, you should log the fifteen driving hours. The person must hold an NSW learner license, and age must be below 25 years. Only the individual qualifies for an extra log hour’s first attempt to take the safe driving course. You should note down whether this course is on hazard perception, risk prevention and advanced driving skill.

  • Logbook Credits 

The logbook hours is credited if the learner driver has completed the five hours of training. The learner driver does not leave with the skill. However, they are close to the mandatory driving hours needed to get the P plate.

  • Learn road rules practically

In the safe driving course, you can learn the road rule practically. Learning different road rules in theory can be the hard part to the learner driver. When driving on the busy road, you can apply the laws and regulations in the driving class. The practical session helps to increase the skill of road rules. It allows the learner driver to understand the traffic rules without hassle. In the practical hours, the learner can ask doubts to their instructor. They help you to apply the traffic rules smoothly in a real-life situation.

  • Awareness of road hazard

Another benefit of taking the safety driving course is road hazard awareness. A recent report shows that the younger drivers involved in the accident. You can attend the class, take the precaution and increase knowledge that can reduce risk. Common road hazard includes using a mobile phone, drunk driving, fatigue, speeding, and others. You can attend the safer driving course and stay away from accidents.

  • Professional advice

In the safer driver course, you will spend time with the qualified driving instructor. Totally five hours of safe driving course, and the first three hours are theoretical sessions. The last two of the class is a practical session on the road. The certified instructor will teach everything from traffic rules and smart tips to handle difficult situations. The group discussion is best because others may ask questions to the instructor that you forget to ask in the class. Two learner drivers will drive the vehicle in practical training with the instructor. So you can get a chance to learn from someone’s mistake.

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