Vital Information Regarding Bed Bug Inspection

When you have bed bugs at home, the only solution to the problem is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. Bed bugs are difficult control pests. Nonetheless, before medication is administered there are things you can do to cope with the issue. Learn more by visiting Bed Bug Exterminator Winnipeg-Bed Bug Inspection.

There are certain pretreatment steps you must take once bed bugs are identified and confirmed in your home.

Preparing room for inspection of bed bug is key to effective control of bed bug.

Before any cleaning a thorough inspection helps you to assess the severity of the problem. Until medication is applied it avoids disruption and spread of bed bugs.

Checklist of bed testing pests

a. Remove curtains and drapes from the window, place them in plastic bin bags and tightly seal the bags.

Take from bed all bedding, pillows and cases, and put in plastic bags. Seal the bags securely before being moved into the laundry room. Clean drawers, closets, night stands, wardrobes and chairs, and bring in plastic bags of belongings. Seal the bags stiffly.

Put the clothes, coats and shoes in plastic bags. Seal the bags securely until they are put into the laundry room.

e. Place all loose clothes (e.g. clothes found outside the dresser) in plastic bags and laundry as shown below. Remove all things from under the bed and on the floor and place them in plastic bin bags and tightly seal off the bags.

g. Place all unwashable items ( e.g. plastic toys, books, electronics) into plastic bags for inspection and tightly seal the bags.Remove all, except plush furniture, fabric and plush products and put them in plastic bin bags and seal the bags tightly.

The plush furniture pillows should be removed and laundered if possible.

Move all furniture away from the wall at least 18 cm away. Remove outlet coverings, switch wall covers, phone jack covers, and light switch coverings.