Things to Consider When Hiring a Family Law Lawyer

A family lawyer specializes in matters involving the family. This may include marriage, divorce, child support, spousal support, guardianship, adoption, violence in the home and neglect of children. Visit Jensen Family Law – Mesa.

Choosing a family lawyer is an important decision, especially when discussing child abuse and domestic violence. Such legal problems are highly charged activities that involve well versed lawyers in domestic relations law and child protection law.

Divorce may also be an emotionally-volatile environment involving attorneys to help the sides work through their disputes before attaining a reasonable settlement. When children are involved it is necessary to collaborate with lawyers who can advocate for minor children’s rights to ensure that sufficient child care is received.

Family law matters also allow clients to work closely with their preferred lawyer. Until hiring lawyers it is best to decide what attributes you prefer. Would you want a lawyer who’s male or female? Want an offensive lawyer or one who stays calm? Will you an attorney with years of experience would a recent law school graduate be enough?

Creation of a list of questions, expectations and the desired result may be beneficial. Organize all documents related to legal matters. Divorce attorneys, for example, would include financial documents, real estate deeds, vehicle titles, tax returns for current and previous years, and information about minor children.

Interviewing three or more attorneys may be helpful in deciding which one is ideally suited to your needs. Some law firms offer meet-and-greet appointments free of charge while others pay a fixed fee. When scheduling meetings, ask about the initial fees for consultation and what documents to bring to the meeting.

It is necessary to set cost estimates during the meeting. Family lawyers usually allow clients to have a retainer upfront. It usually varies from 25 percent to 50% of the estimated costs.

Legal fees are typically levied at an hourly rate but are paid as a flat fee in some cases. Cases involving thorough investigation and presentation in court are usually billed hourly. Cases requiring little activity, such as a change of legal name, are paid at a flat rate.

Law firms also charge backend fees to cover expenses associated with telephone meetings, court filing fees, copying and faxing documents and postal fees. Some lawyers subtract those expenses from the retainer, while others submit invoices monthly.

Many attorneys on family law demand reimbursement at the time services are provided. These will also require customers to create a payment plan. Defining payment schedules is essential to ensure you can comply. This is best to get the contract in writing when payment schedules are approved so both parties understand payment amounts and due dates.

Individuals that need a family lawyer to provide services but can not afford legal fees can qualify for pro bono services. Much depends on the income received and the circumstances surrounding the situation.

If necessary seek references from relatives or friends to relatives attorneys. This will minimize the amount of time spent finding or consulting lawyers. Many who can not receive references can use the site or telephone directories to find law firms.

The website of the American Bar Association at is also a tool for identifying credible lawyers. The ABA does not give advice, but then maintains a directory of lawyers from around the country who are in good standing with the organization.