The Importance of Using Professional House Painters of Dublin

If you’re looking to paint your home ‘s interior or exterior, it ‘s important to choose a good paint contractor to get the job done first. First, the scope of your project has to be determined. This will enable you to seek the right professional to complete it.

Hiring a solo painter-operator might be the best option if you have a small painting project (for instance one or two bedrooms to repaint). Since owner-operators bear practically no overhead company (no staff, no office, no commercial vehicles, etc.), they will get the small project completed for comparatively cheaper than a big painting firm.

Larger projects are a different story though. These must be done in a time-efficient manner and single painter operators simply do not have the labor or resources to complete such large projects on time and in accordance with industry standards. These wide jobs include a skilled painting crew, suitable painting equipment, and a good project leader, or foreman. Wide painting jobs usually involve multi-room or whole interior painting and painting works for the exterior.You can get additional information at Painterly House Painters of Dublin.

There are other things you need to pay attention to when you have determined whether you should hire a solo operator or a full painting conractor company.

First, make sure every contractor outlines the scope of the work when obtaining quotes for your house painting job. You want to be sure that each of the contractors includes the same service items in the estimates. Things like the type of preparation work to be done, how many paint coats will be applied, and which product brand will be used, need to be consistent across all painting estimates you get. This way you compare “apples to apples” as you later go over the proposed costs.

Many times, novice or non-professional painters will quote the same job at a significantly lower price than any of the reputable contractors who have sent you quotes. Homeowners often get very excited about, and rightly so, the immediate savings they would be making. However, as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” More often than not, in order to save money, these extremely low bidding painters skip crucial steps in the preparation process, use the cheapest products they can find, and do shoddy work. Ultimately, the paint job won’t last and the homeowner will have to prematurely get their place repainted.

Be sure to check for the following items to determine whether or not you are hiring a legitimate painting company or someone who will ruin a paint job:

1) Enterprise Registration. Is this a real company and if the paint job fails, will I be able to hold them accountable in a few months time? You can take money from unregistered individuals and essentially vanish, because you will have no redress options and no one to hold you accountable for shoddy workmanship.

2) Liability policy. Will the insurance provider carry? You want to be sure that your home is being protected in case of unfortunate events. When a ladder inadvertently falls on your vehicle or damages your windshield, you ought to be confident that the business will be protected by responsibility for these unfortunate accidents.

3) Previous work details and client testimonials. Don’t just take the painters’ word for it, find out for yourself what others have been saying about their painting and look at pictures of work they have done in the past.

4) Ultimately, a legitimate painting contractor will never ask you up front for significant money. Typically, 10-15% upfront is considered the norm to cover material costs, but if the painter asks you for anything over that amount, you should be wary.