Teaching Standards In International Schools

International schools in various countries are in the list of schools first considered for their children by most of the expat parents. These schools are highly desired for a variety of strong reasons; some of these include curriculum, facilities and extra-circular activities. Most international schools help their students transition from their previous educational institutions in a smooth and easy way. Learn more by visiting stamford american international school singapore.

The teachers and the methodologies of teaching employed are the basis on which the quality of any school is defined. For parents, therefore, it is important to understand the teaching techniques used by the school to mold children. International schools around the world have set standards for their unique and creative approach to learning to empower their students with reasoning skills , knowledge, questioning spirit and self-learning. A collaborative learning experience in these schools lets children grasp the idea, have fun whilst they are training, and also allows them to develop skills that help them create productive futures.

By moving away from traditional methods of teaching, where teachers and textbooks are the only reservoirs of knowledge, and techniques for teaching chalk and board; these schools have achieved great results. Only when the children become engaged in what is being learned will they understand quickly. Several new technologies are being used to capture their interest and to help them remember what the class is being taught. For starters, certain schools use to see, hear and understand strategies through which students are scanned for visually enticing videos that provide all the relevant details. The images and information processed in this way remain stored in long-term memory, and when revised using reading materials or viewing the videos again, the child achieves a deeper understanding.

Encouraging students to ask the right questions and learn by self-discovery not only lets students develop a deep interest in the topic, but also encourages them to dive further in order to get a better understanding. Some international schools like Canadian International School in Bangalore , India, believe in knowledge sharing and learning fun. It has been observed that children learn better if they enjoy the learning process thoroughly, hence the school takes particular interest in making the lessons pleasant and enjoyable. In reality, this form of teaching has seen remarkable results, students of grade C have moved up to grade B or A. The improvement is not only in the sheet of marks but also in each student’s intellectual, emotional , and social development. A lot of work is being done in this area and several techniques are being developed even now at many of these schools to provide better quality education.