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I’ve been in the waste industry for a while and I still have to scratch my head when it comes to manufacturers’ low-priority waste disposal costs. And this does not take into account the impact of manufacturing waste on our environment, and its disposal.

Every day, I meet companies that don’t prioritize their trash disposal until it becomes an issue. Even then the goal is to get rid of the waste and not the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable route.Checkout Waste Removal near me for more info.

The majority of firms that I was asked to look at put waste on such a low priority that they don’t even know what they’re spending on waste disposal. They ‘re so focused on what’s going out at the front door that they don’t see the huge effect it’s having on the bottom line of the business. Somebody like me points this out until that is.

One of the reasons this is happening is that they probably don’t produce much waste when a company starts manufacturing the first time. As production increases their waste often increases. The payment will mostly go to accounts payable where it is billed. AP is not responsible for monitoring how much is expended on disposing of waste. Thus, as the production increases, so do the waste disposal costs. And even if someone in accounts payable questioned the increased costs, they ‘d probably be told that “it’s the manufacturing cost and I think we’ve got the best deal we can get.”

So unchecked, the costs just spiral up and up. Invoice enters, payment goes out. Waste hauliers are fond of this trend. And believe me when I say that they are all aware of this. They’ll do whatever they can to keep it going. But that is a different subject.

In today’s climate, with overflowing landfills, global warming and all the other environmental problems that we face, I truly think manufacturers need to raise consciousness and plan for the future. When they are conscious of what they are creating as waste, the influence it has on the ecosystem, and what it costs them to dispose of it, they will continue to find how to minimize their effects on the world and their end result. They will then become active civic members and have a meaningful effect on the world we all need to secure.

I know both of those sound like ambitious thoughts. “Who’s got the time to do all of this when you’ve got a output quota to hit?” Let me ask you to do one thing I hope would persuade you it’s worth the effort. Go down to your account payable department and ask for a look at last year’s waste invoices. Add the sum of twelve months together and then look back at what the expense of the waste is. Ask yourself: “How many of what you would ever make that figure buy?” Now ask yourself: “How can I reduce this cost and its impact on our bottom line?” I think you’ll see how important it is to prioritize your future.