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Products are recalled daily, ranging from simple household items to baby toys and even medical equipment. If a drug refuses to function correctly, suppliers are obligated to customers to withdraw such items from stores to refund them as quickly as possible.

What happens if it’s too late? What if a product fails to work properly and injures someone? A product liability lawsuit generally follows.Find expert advice about Lipcon & Lipcon, P.A.-truck accident Lawyer read here.

Product liability lawsuits are typically filed after a product has harmed a consumer when used as intended. A product fault allegation is focused on three primary categories of defects. They ‘re:

  1. Design defects occurring before production process;
  2. Development failures throughout the manufacturing process; and
  3. Marketing misrepresentation during output requires issues like appropriate alerts and labeling.

Product liability lawsuits can be complicated, involving many different legal theories. In a recent Missouri product liability claim, three wrongful death suits were filed, all stemming from a claim for truck accident.

The truck accident followed a truck driver to avoid two other drivers who lost control of their vehicles. The truck driver, in avoiding the cars, hit a tractor trailer. Two grandparents and their little grandchild-all three perished at the site. Initially, the truck accident killed the three decedents. Nevertheless, following careful review of facts, it was discovered that the crash itself did not destroy them, and the three perished because the gas tank of the truck was faulty and sparked a fire. The construction fault suspected was that the unsafe nature of the fuel system ruptured the gas tank; the leakage then sparked the explosion, which killed the three inside the vehicle.

Based on expert testimony and crucial evidence, the accident was proven by the defective design. Evidence supported the pickup truck occupants survived the road accident. We didn’t suffer from the crash itself, but instead died from the truck explosion. Furthermore, evidence that the fire was triggered by the faulty construction and location of the gas tank. The truck company was found liable for deaths.