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Prom night is one of those times which any senior high school is enthusiastically awaiting. A chance to party, to have fun with friends and to dance with your partner. Nevertheless, that is when the market for limousines hits high levels in the sky during the Prom season. For this season every school has an event lined up. Click a site renting limousines.

Travel far in advance Travel a limo at least 3-4 months in advance to escape the hassles of last minute reservations. This means you would not only get the highest deals but also your option of limo style.

The top SUVs, Hummers, stretch Cadillac are picked up early in the season so if you want to travel your prom night in style, you’d need to prepare way in advance. So you would want to consider hiring a limo for the big day alongside the tuxedo or evening wear and other items on your to-do list.

Write a lease The lease is an essential aspect of the agreement you are making when you employ the limo services. Be sure you have it recorded in writing including the date and time, chosen vehicle type, on-board facilities and all other special services such as snacks and drinks.

That means you are confident that you can have what you have charged for and can help you prevent any complications later on. Make sure you grasp contract terms and conditions.

Review the registration, ratings and descriptions of insurers Demand to see the company’s qualification and license to offer luxurious vehicle services. Every top limo rental service will happily generate these documents and address each and every one of your questions with patience.

Ask concerns about benefits, which is really necessary in case of any accidents that you can eventually have to pay the bill for. Review previous client feedback and testimonials that can provide you with a clear understanding of the company’s track record and integrity.

How much does it cost?

Note that most limo rental firms sell their services at a total of 3-4 hours on an hourly basis. The time begins the minute you reach the limo which may contain some additional time wasted whilst waiting or some excuse like that.

The price typically varies from $70 to up to $120 an hour based on the type of the car, number of passengers and of course the venue.

Many firms often offer a fixed rate dependent on different factors, such as the amount of cars you are recruiting. Please ask about exclusive deals and the like if you book well in advance. Often inquire for the charges such as gratuity and tip as well as the refundable security deposit.

Hire a party bus Have the whole community of mates in the trip if the expenditure is on the lighter side so that expenses are spread fairly. You can even hire a party bus that gives plenty of space for everyone to sit comfortably and yes even dance. That means the mood will be beautifully set up by the time you arrive at the prom venue.