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Epoxies are liquid polymer products which are transformed through chemical reaction to strong polymers. You may want to check out Grand Bend Chamber for more.

Epoxy structures are comprised of two elements, resins and a hardder. In general, the resin portion is bright, often almost transparent in color and almost odor-free. Hardens are often sold in plain form and in a number of colours. Once these two elements are combined together, they connect chemically and irreversibly bind together until the chemical reaction has been achieved, creating a durable plastic composite that has the toughness of steel until added to a concrete surface.

Epoxies are the foundation of multiple uses of commercial and industrial flooring. Epoxy coatings are usually used in aisle vehicle dealerships, convenience shops, shop floors, aircraft hangers, water storage facilities, battery charging zones, automobile repair centers, warehouses and even private garages.

There are broad uses of epoxy-based materials, and there are various epoxy and urethane coatings products. High-built epoxy is an epoxy surface used when it needs strong create and fill. High-built epoxy coating is used for high foot and light forklift traffic areas where abrasion resistance is needed; for corrosion prevention and as a waterproof coating for walls and floors. Epoxy can also be used for applications including slip-resistant, non-skid, and protective striping.

Looking for a one stop, turn-key commercial and residential flooring solutions provider when selecting a contractor for the flooring needs. Such companies should have a thorough understanding of concrete surface preparing, diamond grinding, acid staining, epoxy, urethane, and quartz flooring systems.