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A cosmetic dentistry clinic offers facilities other than oral hygiene. Whereas the conventional dental needs of yesterday were based on oral disease prevention , diagnosis, and care, cosmetic dentistry includes improving the appearance of a person’s teeth, lips, and smile.Dr. Jim Ellis, DDS – Dentist offers excellent info on this.

Cosmetic dentists mainly seek to offer elective procedures or restorative services. Some of these are inlay / onlay, composite bonding, teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, smile makeover, and reconstruction of the full mouth.

You can have indirect fillings made from composite materials or porcelain in inlay / onlay service to provide long-lasting and cosmetic ways to fill a tooth with decay or structural damage. In contrast to traditional dental fillings involving inside the mouth molding of the tooth, inlays and onlays are done in dental laboratories before your dentist fits them and bonds them adhesively to a place.

You will want a plastic bonding from a cosmetic dentistry center if you have a chipped, discolourated, missing or decayed tooth. Your tooth is healed by a method called composite bonding.

The material used has the appearance of enamel and dentin and is applied to your tooth’s cavity or surface where it is sculpted into a shape, contoured and hardened by high-intensity light.

Teeth whitening is a very common service. As your teeth are constantly exposed to smoking, caffeine, carbonate, and foods and other beverages, it is also among the most recommended process. So they might get stained. Tooth whitening involves bleaching of dents in order to preserve their natural whiteness.

Dental veneer prevents extreme decoloration of the dents. Similarly, dental veneer, plastic or porcelain laminates, which are glued adhesively onto the surface of your tooth, can also correct and patch chips and cracks. And if you have holes in your teeth or are unsatisfied with tooth whitening, you can opt out of a cosmetic dentistry center for this program.

Of course, among you are the ones who have lost their tooth or teeth. When you want to have the missing tooth repaired, dental implants are recommended. The treatment is called artificial implant or prosthetic dentistry. Not only does this procedure compensate for the missing tooth, it also ensures that you look young, as losing a tooth will cause a face to sag and make you look aged.

A smile is priceless. In today’s competitive world, emphasis is put on physical appearance. A smile is among the precious assets that a person has. It is protected or reinforced by a “smile makeover,” another service the cosmetic dentistry center offers. It involves one or two cosmetic dental services, such as dental veneers, implants, gingival sculpting, and whitening of the dentures.

Many times, one’s tooth structure is more than just a symbol of oral hygiene, great smile, or youthful looks. It can affect the ability and comfort of an individual to bit foods. When your dentist detects functional issues in your muscles, bone structure, bite ability and teeth structure, you may need a full mouth reconstruction plan.