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So can I buy Cheap LED Lights?

I wish I could just give you a clear answer, 1 phrase, but I can’t. Yeah, the best item you can find you can purchase, but you’ll still be disappointed. I’ve seen churches purchase LED lights from businesses that I’ve never heard of, who don’t hold a lot of a guarantee. They were surprised as some of the devices started broken 1 year down the line, and not as vibrant or stable as they used to be. Cheaper LED lights are also badly built and allow heat to dim the LED’s early in their existence and weak electrical connexions may cause premature loss of devices. It certainly is, if it seems nice to be true. church stage lighting

I encourage churches that are trying to break into the entry level to purchase less costly LEDs from reliable lighting firms who have been around for a while, such as Chauvet, American DJ and Elation, getting beyond the negatives. This firms have lower price point wide fixtures. They may not be as inexpensive as those you’ve seen, but you are getting what you’re paying for! Late last week I read a better, younger name of the LED fixtures which will be out of service at the end of this year. That makes it very complicated if you need new parts in the future or want more coordinating lights!

Before you purchase LED fixtures here are a few items you need to know and remember.

1. Remember the level of light that comes from a single RGB lamp. These have within just the red, green , and blue LEDs. You may have seen some publicity material claiming that “16 million colours” can be put out by these fixtures, and although that might be theoretically accurate, I guarantee you can really tell the difference between at most a few hundred. No matter how fine they are, you won’t get a decent brown, amber or white colour out of those.

2. Non-“tri,” “four “or” homogenised “LED’s have different red , green and blue LED’s that you can see. However, when you match up a black, white, aqua or something that’s not just R, G or B, you’ll see many colours when you glance at the screen. This can be confusing if you’re using it as backlight, or if the members of the church can see the front of the screen.

3. Cheaper fixtures can flicker while you’re videotaping them or using IMAG to place the footage on the computer. If you’re taking video, be sure you choose fixtures that are confirmed to be “flicker-free,” because fixtures that aren’t going to flickr on camera – I’ve seen them all too many times! Certain units may look good, just not dimmed because of the way LEDs are dimmed.

4. Do purchase lighting items that have a guaranteed 90-day guarantee-if the manufacturer doesn’t stand by it, I don’t feel confident to do so either!

5. Think about the construction of the fixture vs. actual light output. You don’t need anything built like a tank if it’s just going to be installed in your church and not move frequently. These units are made for manufacturing companies. There are budget fixtures from many companies that have the same LEDs as expensive fixtures, in a cheaper and less durable piece.

6. Bear in mind that various vendors use various tinted LEDs in their fixtures. Fixtures will even change in colour with each run or batch of fixtures. For the highest colour quality, buy all the LED fixtures you are going to use at once. If this is not feasible, buy in usage-based classes such as buying all the units to light the backdrop at once, and later purchase the ones you are using for backligligtment.

7. If you order more than 4-6 items, make sure you have a new trial machine! Local retailers will show and/or allow you rent goods for FREE in the expectation of having a profit! Otherwise, several vendors can give you a device with only a deposit and the expense of sending it back to them so you can check it out.