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Are you a health-conscious fitness junkie who loves to drink fruit and veggie juices, and who also insists on feeding the same for your family? I’m sure you don’t want to squander your whole morning making your favorite pineapple or pomegranate or tomato juice with that broken down juicer in your kitchen corner that breaks down half the time and where you have to press it all to get a quarter of a glass of bitter juice!

It is time you invested in an electric juicer to satisfy your demands for juicing. Nowadays, electrically powered juicers have become highly sophisticated with, and due to, state-of – the-art features; you can now enjoy your glass of bitter gourd or carrot juice with a button press!More about the author from here.

Millions of different kinds of juicers have flooded the market, such as potato juicers, fruit juicers, citrus juicers, juice extractors and even something as basic as carrot juicers or beet root juicers!

Vegetable juicer Carrots and beet roots are rather hard vegetables and it is a very complicated and laborious process to remove juice from those hard veggies.

When trying to squeeze these vegetables, standard vegetable juicer can break down. Thus the juicer companies have come up with various juicer varieties, belonging to different brands, to serve specific needs.

Fruit juicer Electric citrus juicers can be used to extract fruit juice from oranges, lemons, limes, sweet limes, pineapples, tomatoes, various types of berries, grapes and all other fruits which are natural citrus.

The rest of the fruits like apples, green apples, guava, pomegranate, litchi, mango etc. can be juiced with the help of standard electric juicers.

Electric juicer One of the main reasons that various companies have come up with the concept of electric juicer and why so many families are interested in the electric juicer is because it takes out all the toil involved in harvesting juice from a manual juicer where you have to click all kinds of buttons constantly to run it manually. On the other hand, once you turn on the power, electric juicers run automatically and they are very easy to operate, with less work involved.

Electric juicers cost a little bit more but produce more juice from your fruits and veggies as well. We don’t break down quickly and they’re really long lasting and robust. Since there is no possibility of using your hands as with manual juicers-with electronic juicers you will not face any mechanical problems. The latter will not wear out, however.