Scottsdale Farm Table Rentals- Tips

So you have a party, and you have selected your venue. That is great if your venue has its own tables and chairs. One less thing to worry about, so you can focus on choosing your linen colors or your menu choices. But, what happens if your venue doesn’t include tables and chairs? That’s when you need to rent out your tables and chairs to a party rental company. So, what kind of basic information about table and chair rentals does one need to know? You may want to check out Scottsdale Farm Table Rentals for more.

Here are five great tips for helping you with your: 1. Know the delivery and pick-up restrictions at your location.

Some places are great and have plenty of storage space to let us drop off the tables and chairs the day before your event and pick up the items the day after your event (or the Monday after your event if it’s on a Saturday). Nevertheless, other areas with strict guidelines and no room for storage will cost you more money. For example, if you need to have all your rental items out of the facility by midnight, there would be additional overtime pick-up fees for that.

  1. Know who provides the work, and how much it costs.

Will the crew set up and take the tables and chairs off for you at your venue? Most venues do (which is great), but a few do not include this service. Make sure you ask if that covers the location. If it is not used, the set-up and take-down costs are extra.

  1. Accept your location.

Is it delivered to a loading dock or back door by the rental company and taken from there by the facilities personnel? Or does the rental company need six flights of stairs to bring the items up, go 50 feet, turn the corner, etc? (Well, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the picture.) It’s important for the rental company to know where the drop off is, because it takes a lot more time and effort to get the items 100 feet off the truck compared with 5′ unloading. This information could also affect your costs.

  1. Designate someone in charge of the rentals.

It’s important that you have someone in control of the rentals on-site, whether that’s your location leader or someone you’re designating (your event planner, caterer, buddy, co-worker, etc.) to make sure they bring all the things in when they arrive and when they’re collected. Losing a table or chair is very difficult, but sometimes a couple of chairs get left behind because they’ve been put in another area for the event. You may then be the one responsible for paying a repair price on those products.

  1. To pick up your rentals go to a showroom.

When you decide what you want it is easy to place an order over the phone or online. Nevertheless, if you’re having a hard time choosing, the best thing to do is stop in and see for yourself at one of our showrooms. We have a lot of customers who like to come in to our showrooms and design their tables. We’d set up a mock table with your choice of tables, linens, and chairs. Several clients even like to put their favours, centerpieces, etc. to see the full effect. Most customers actually like to sit in their seats to see how relaxed they are.