Kitchen Appliances – Stainless Or Colors

Equipment is an integral part of your kitchen. And you’d be surprised to know that kitchen appliances make up about nine per cent of your total budget for the kitchen. More surprisingly, this percentage is considered to be very low, taking into account the advances made in technology that give all the appliances used these days a high level of energy efficiency. But a common man like you and me is more concerned about the looks of those appliances and whether or not they add a sparkle dash to your kitchen. Learn more at

Anyone interested in stainless steel will be happy to know that kitchen appliances made from steel have grown in popularity due to their professional look. First of all, when choosing stainless steel appliances, you should decide on your budget and see what you can afford to buy. You should then look for appliances that match your kitchen interiors.

Stainless steel has varying grades however. And therefore not all kitchen appliances made of this metal will be of the same colour. A bluish or a gray tinge may be present especially in the case of home appliances that have a higher amount of aluminum in them. And if your kitchen is tiny, or your kitchen appliances are located next to each other, it becomes more essential.

Also you should look at the sides of your appliances. If you’ve purchased an expensive kitchen appliance, chances are the sides will be made of stainless steel. But if your appliance has a moderate or low range, the sides are vinyl rather than stainless steel. Black and grey are the two colors available in vinyl.

You should also keep an eye on the designs of your kitchen appliances made from stainless steel. The patterns can differ and will be quite obvious when the appliances are all places side by side.

Now talking about the latest color trends in kitchen appliances are favored mainly bright colors like red, orange, pink, yellow, blue and green. But the traditional favourites are the white appliances in the kitchen, after which comes the black set. This is because all other colors around it can be counterbalanced by white.

At the moment yellow is chosen as the top color for all small appliances according to the experts ‘ opinion. Because yellow is an eclectic color with a feeling of retro, it brings us back to the world of carelessness. Whereas red in combination with a small tint of orange browns displays luster and gloss.