Importance Of Regular Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer is on the rise, including the most serious skin cancer; melanoma. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, someone dies from melanoma about every hour in the United States alone. For a quick test that can be performed at the doctor’s clinic, this frightening figure might potentially be may.Have a look at Las Vegas Skin & Cancer Tenaya to get more info on this.

A routine examination of skin cancer performed at the doctor’s office will help spot rare or shifting moles such that detection and care can be achieved as soon as possible. Typically this test may consist of a visual examination of the skin and the scalp. Where an odd location is found, a biopsy can be done so that a pathologist may analyze a sample more carefully under the microscope and determine whether there are cancer cells. Unless the sample returns malignant, therapy will begin promptly, thus significantly improving efficacy and a good prognosis. In reality, melanomas diagnosed early have a survival rate of 99 per cent over five years.

Skin cancer screening should be performed at the doctor’s clinic every year in in visits you should still conduct your own home screening. A monthly skin test can help you keep an eye on moles that may alter or grow anew. Because the back and the scalp are critical places for the growth of skin cancer, it is always a smart idea to have a relative or buddy assist with the screening. By doing routine tests of skin cancer at home and with your doctor, you should be assured that any disease that may grow can be handled easily and efficiently if it is detected early.