Easy Steps To Unlock A Cell Phone

If you haven’t learned yet, the positive thing is that you will once again legally disable mobile phones as well as GSM networks. For a number of reasons people chose to keep their mobile phones disabled. You may want to make some extra bucks by selling your phone on eBay after it has been unlocked or maybe your deal with the current network service provider is coming to a close and you’re thinking of moving to another network.

The reasons for unlocking a phone may be many but it all comes down to one thing, how to safely unlock a cell phone because jail breaking a phone can interrupt some of the functions of the phone or disable the device completely. Here are four simple steps which will show you how to safely unlock a mobile phone.see this

To Determine the status of your phone The first step in unlocking a smart phone is to test whether or not your phone is already unlocked. There are phones that are unlocked directly from the manufacturer, which means that in the first place there might not even be a need to jail break the software of the phone. Factory unlocked phones are, however, being sold at high prices. You can purchase a brand new unlocked smartphone if you’re looking to buy a new phone for yourself and are able to spend a few extra bucks on it. This will save you the trouble of unlocking the program on your computer.

Switching to a Specific Network Service Provider Some phones sold by network providers come with SIM cards and some don’t. Carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile use SIM cards while Sprint and Verizon run without SIM cards on the CDMA networks. When your handset comes with a SIM card and you know it’s free so it’s a piece of cake to turn to another network. All you have to do is change the SIM and without any network failures you can start using your computer.

Get In Contact With Your Provider You can call your provider directly to get your mobile activated for free if your contract is unexpired and you are not tied to a subsidized cell phone plan. You will need to give the carrier a good reason for unlocking your phone like going on a long holiday abroad so they won’t bug you thinking you’re switching carriers. If the carrier accepts your submission, you’ll obtain a code that will permanently unlock your phone.

Have Your Mobile Unlocked From a Third Party If your company does not allow you to unlock your mobile, you can have it done from a nearby mobile phone repair shop. You won’t have to pay any additional costs if you have your phone unlocked directly by the operator. Local repair shops, however, are charging for mobile unlocking services, but this alternative is much less time-consuming and totally free of trouble.