Dry Stone Walling – How to Make a Dry Stone Wall

Dry stone walling is a method of building a stone wall of a specific kind. Dry stone walls, particularly popular in the UK countryside, are unusual in that they do not require mortar or any other binding materials to hold them together. A dry stone wall can be constructed using the technique of interlocking the stones so that no external elements are required to hold them up. Such walls were used in the past as well as in the present for field division and as retention walls. You may want to check out dry wall stone tools  for more.

Preparing for building Measure how much stone a wall would take. In every case this will differ, but a general guideline is that the base width should be about half the height of your stone wall. Be sure to clear away any debris or obstructing items before starting construction once you have your stones sorted.

Afterwards, dig a shallow trench with enough room to hold your base stones comfortably. Now you’re ready to start the real work!

How to make a dry stone wall Choose the widest and flatest stones for the base of the wall and position them in the trench, ensuring that they are kept as flat and level as possible. Using the joints created by the rocks below, continue to build upward. Start with the larger stones, and slowly work your way up with smaller stones.

If it helps, take a picture of what your wall would like to look like and try putting your stones in the same way.

Finish with some decorative stones down the top of your wall. This can be done by placing two heavy set stones at each end and then putting them very firmly in.

If you are not fully confident of your wall’s solidity it is highly recommended that you call an expert to repair it for you.

Walling stone is really the main ingredient for dry stone walling tools and materials needed. Limestone is highly popular and widely used across the UK. Certain items that you’ll need include a shovel, and a hammer as a last resort.

Good luck with your wall on dry soil!