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Sound therapy with tuning forks is a basic but effective way of healing. Sound has a long tradition of healing arts use which goes back thousands of years. New research is now catching up to explain that sound operates for the human body. A number of tuning fork systems are available that have unique goals dependent on various sound frequencies. Click Head to for more details.

Most music therapy tuning forks have weights at the top, such that they can be added to the client’s own body to hear the feedback. Such tuning forks operate on the acupuncture principles which attach needles to specific energy points on the body. Such tuning forks operate on the same concept, except that instead of placing a needle, the weight of the tuning fork is added to a particular spot. Optional tuning forks are meant to be felt and operate on the energy side. A satisfying and beneficial opportunity would be to become a sound therapy professional with SomaEnergetics tuning forks. Below are some of the benefits: UNIQUE-In your area, there might be thousands of massage therapists or reiki practitioners but very few individuals who deal in auditory relaxation therapy. You have the potential to sell your clients something fresh and innovative without needing to compete with other modalities.

PROFITABLE–When you’re new to the healing arts, you have the ability to build your own price plan without matching it specifically with other practicers. If you are dealing in an established modality you can incorporate sound soothing components to the current sessions and charge higher prices. Your existing customers will be involved in returning for a sound soothing therapy session more often so you’ll be able to draw new clients. Many that want to become teachers will purchase equipment at a discount and gain money through training other practitioners.

FLEXIBLE-It’s really simple to integrate the various methods into the current experience and blend them in specific forms and give something new to the consumers constantly. When part of the relaxation exercises use the Power Vitality Method. When you become a reiki practitioner, you should use your hands to keep the chakras aligned and energies circulating around the body, and then put in the calming reiki force. Massage therapists also commented that they should not strive too intensely to produce the same results. The tuning forks have been paired with reiki, aromatherapy and the Bach Plant Remedies. Or using the methods for 1 or 10 minutes before utilizing certain modalities.

PORTABLE-Lightweight tuning forks and simple to bring. They do not need electricity or other special equipment. You may perform other methods with the customer seated in a chair.

PROFESSIONAL–Through either taking a class or undertaking a home study tutorial, you will become a professional. There are choices for those who choose to get licensed and get a research qualification by a recognised licensing board.

AFFORDABLE–Based on the chosen choices, you will continue learning with an investment in a 12-hour preparation or home study course to buy sound therapy tuning forks to earn a discount if you buy both concurrently. Depending on the pay arrangement, after just 8 to 10 company meetings, you’ll be returning the expenditure. Beginning from one selection of forks and incorporating various forks and methods is simple enough that you still have something new to give your customers.