Acne Treatment Solutions – A Comprehensive Review

Acne plagues thousands across the world. It is a skin disorder that is extremely common as well as very painful, from teenagers to adults on the wrong side of middle age. It is painful, distressing and, even after it is handled, still leaves scars. Phoenix Acne Treatment

Thousands of skin-care products claim to be treating acne. It’s almost like finding a needle in a haystack, finding the right diagnosis. To make things a little easier for you, here’s a comprehensive review of five of the best solutions for acne treatment according to common scores.

The reviews are reliable, based on substantiated studies, and aim to help make a healthy and informed choice for you. Murad Acne Complex, Aggressive Acne Solutions, Clinique Acne Solutions, Clear Skin Max and Uncovered Skin Care are the five products under examination here.

The Murad Acne Complex is a three-step process consisting of a Clarifying Cleanser, an Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel and, lastly, a Skin Perfecting Moisturizer. It was developed by Howard Murad, and was a successful acne breakout treatment drug.

The drug has received mixed reviews from viewer ratings, and is distinguished from most other acne treatment products in that it does not contain benzoyl peroxide, which is a key ingredient used in most acne treatments.

The drug says all symptoms of acne will be eliminated in just 4 weeks. While this is not exactly accurate, outcomes, depending on the severity of the disease, are often visible within the second month.

Pros While some aggravation of the condition is seen in the purging phase, the drug pulls through and eventually produces visible results. The humidifier smells good, and doesn’t stick. The Pore Cleansing mask that comes with the treatment is very effective, and has many positive reviews.

It uses a lot of natural extracts such as bitter orange oil, tea tree extracts, camellia leaf extract, menthol along with well-known acne fighters such as salicylic acid which helps to heal acne without causing much skin damage. The spot sulfur treatment it provides has produced positive results among a great number of users.