About Float Therapy

Tension is a natural part of our lives. But it is still hard to find a way to wind down and relax, even as a passive activity. Flotation therapy is one way to have some time out and relax.

Flotation therapy works by floating on a flotation tank which is packed with a very thick combination of salt water. The water is 25 cm deep inside the tank. The formula makes it impossible for you to fall, with a very high concentration of Epsom salts, so you can float easily.View Float Therapy

The flotation tank is usually placed in a space complete with its own toilet. Until joining the pool, you are expected to shower and then swim again after swimming to eliminate the salt mix. When floating, most people wear nothing which makes it a very private experience. But if you choose, you’ll also be allowed to wear a swimsuit.

The tank has a door that enables you to choose whether to float in the dark by shutting the hatch or keeping it open. Many spas often give you the option to float in darkness, with soft and gentle music, or with the background play of a self-hypnosis recording.

When you swim, your body relaxes automatically, since your senses are reduced by external stimuli. And since the water in the flotation tank is at skin temperature, it will be difficult to distinguish the differences between the body and the air and water.

Evidence also shown that this type of therapy has many physical effects on the body. Breathing and heart rate sluggish. The change of gravity induces relaxation of the muscles and reduces the electrical activity in the muscles which enables stress to be released. The supply of blood into the tissues increases as well. All of these aspects will help in faster recovery. They also help to reduce heart problems, discomfort, tension, exhaustion, sleep problems and fatigue.