A Keurig Coffee Maker Is Great For Everyday Brewing

Keurig produces several different types of single serve coffee brewers. They’re all built with an ultra-modern look that fits every office or kitchen decor. Numerous Keurig coffee makers are sturdily manufactured to withstand reasonable to excessive use, as in an office break area. next Some of the models made by Keurig are designated for light use, for example a meeting room, or your house.

Built by Keurig for daily use in your home or smaller workplace, the platinum brewing system is extremely striking, modern in look. It is available in three colours: platinum, black at midnight and cinnamon gloss. The tasteful, backlit LCD display is easy to understand and can be programmed to change the water’s brewing heat, which comes from the 192-degree manufacturer. The eye-pleasing Keurig platinum coffee maker can be programmed to brew five preset coffee cup volumes, the smallest being four ounces and the twelve ounces largest. The removable drip tray is convenient, so you can directly brew a fresh, hot cup of tea or coffee into a travel mug. The Keurig platinum also has an energy-saving auto-on/off mode. The water tank holds enough water to make 10 six-ounce cups of your favorite coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. The Keurig platinum brewing system uses silent brew technology and is presented for $179.95 in numerous stores and online.

The brand, dubbed the B155 brewing machine for the Keurig coffee maker, is designed for use in small or medium sized workplaces or at home. The Keurig B155’s contemporary design has a programmable, LCD display featuring an interactive touch screen. Methods consist of raising the brew process temperature to a higher degree than the default setting by the manufacturer. An interactive screen can show a choice of Spanish, French, or English. Brewing Cup sizes are as small as 4 ounces, up to 10 ounces. A detachable drip tray makes a breeze for a travel mug, brewing coffee or tea. The water reservoir holds a substantial 90 ounces of fresh water brewing up to 15 cups of your favorite k cups. The Keurig B155, which sells for $249.95, is built with a hot water container that can be emptied and uses silent brewing technology as well, the K cup single serve coffee brewing method is groundbreaking in its move towards brewing hot beverages. K cups come up in a wide range of selections. You can choose a rich, dark roast coffee; or one that has a mild aromatic flavour, or something in between. Regular, decaf, aromatised, not flavored, it’s up to you, and what your preferences are. Keurig’s K cups are all about individual choices, and they try to find something for everybody.